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Sauna Bath



Sauna Bath

Chocolate Body Scrub

Express Facial

Signature Treatment

Recharge : 90 Min

The Therapist moves towards the back with soothing strokes and stretches, allowing tension to dissolve. This experience is continued with a massage to the souls of the feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience.

Oriental Treatment

Champi ( Head, Neck & Back) : 30 Min

Stress Free ( Back Massage ) : 30 Min

This treatment is created to eliminate tension and being relief.

Reflexology Feet and Hand

Reflexology Feet And Hand : 60Mns/30Mns

An ancient Asian therapy that involves deep pressure points massage and specific energy centers on the foot and hand that corresponds to the internal organ of the body.

Thai Massage: : 60Mns/90Mns

You are guided through a series of postures by the therapist’s palms and thumbs along the energy lines and pressure points, helps to relieve muscle tension, improves blood circulation, boost the immune system and overall balance of the body.

Western Treatment

Swedish Massage: : 60Mns/90Mns

This stress-busting massage begins with gentle thumb strokes on tide and sore muscles with a blend of fragrance signature oils. Each muscles section is massaged and stretched, gently easing knotted nerves, and restoring the energy flow.

Deep Tissue Massage : : 60Mns/90Mns

This deep muscular massage lifts your spirits and revives your all senses. Specially blend oil releases trapped nerves, balances and restores the flow of the energy in your body. Every joint, muscle and sinew will pulse with new vigour.

Baliness Massage : : 60Mns/90Mns

This is full body deep tissue holistic treatment combines acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy to stimulate circulation, ease muscular tension and joints pain and bring a sense of well being calmness and deep relaxation.

Aroma Massage : : 60Mns/90Mns

An ancient art of using natural essential oils of roots, plants and flowers. It is a healings art based in nature, a complite holistic healings effects the whole persons-mind, chakras and soul.

Indian Massage

Ayurveda Massage : 60/90 Min

Ayurvedic massage is a decent Indian massage course, which helps our bodies develop and restore. Ayurvedic massage removes toxins and gives profound unwinding and deep relaxation Physically, it helps all frameworks of the body. Rationally, it psyches to unwind by evacuating energies that store past tensions and emotionale issues in our body

Body Polish and Wraps

Clarifying Bliss Scrub

Aroma Refresher Scrub

Spice Body Polish

Jasmin Body Polish

Purifying Mud Body Wrap

Ayurveda Massage

Hydro Soak Therapies

Wine Bath : 40 Min

Aqua Zacuzzi Theraphy : 40 Min

Even before the bath, we are enveloped in water and not surprisingly we fill at peace when around water. What is also relevant is that three part of the human body is one made up of the water. We use this knowledge of the relaxing and therapeutic properties of water to offer you therapies that not just relax but heal you in a subtle yet powerful way.


Rivitalizing Facial

Hydrating Facial

Purifying Facial

Brightining Facial

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